Understanding your Bill

Our billing system automatically charges your account on the first day of your bill anniversary. For example, if you first subscribed on the 3rd June then your bill anniversary is the 3rd day of each month thereafter. Because we are a prepaid service, subscribers will need to ensure the account has sufficient account balance using our Credit card Auto Top-up, or depositing funds via bPayment.

GST All costs shown in the Invoice / Statement show both the GST Inclusive and Exclusive amounts.

Bill Explanation

Account Summary

  1. Opening balance: Describes the balance on your account at the start of the bill cycle.
  2. Payments received: Any payments received over the past month.
  3. Current month charges: Are a summary of what have been spent this month.

Current Month Charge

  • Plan Details: Details all plans on the account, start and end date, quantity and their subtotals.
  • Outbound Calls: A summary of all calling activity, Local, National, Calls to Mobile, International and premium numbers.
  • Services Summary: Any other charges to the account.