Shared Line

An example of the business problem shared line resolves is where a staff member needs to manage her own calls between a number of different phones, say an office phone, a softphone client and perhaps a home desk phone. Shared Line links up to five additional devices to the Shared line primary number.

Step 1: Enable Shared Line
  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. Select Switchboard.
  3. Select your Number.
  4. Select Inbound.
  5. Select Shared Line.
  6. Click Enable Shared Line Appearance.
  7. Click Save Settings to update.


How They Work

When you enable the Shared Line feature we hyphenate the 2nd, 3rd & 4th in the following format: xx xxxx xxxx-1. For example, if your primary Shared Line is 13239962720 the second “shared line” DID would be 13239962720-1, then 13239962720-2 up to a maximum of 5.

On your second device, you would register 13239962720-1 as your DID reusing the same password registered against 13239962720.

Step 2: Enable Simultaneous Ring
  1. Select Simultaneous Ring drop down box.
  2. Set your target numbers.
  3. Turn Active toggle on.
  4. Select availability hours.
  5. Choose ring delay time (in seconds).
  6. Save changes.