Bria and xLite Softphones - AU

Bria and X-Lite
  • Download and Install x-Lite or Bria on your PC or MAC.
  • Username: phone number.
  • Password: [your password].
  • Domain:
  • Topology: Firewall > None.
  • Reregister Settings: Reduce Reregister from 3600 —> 240


BLF and Presence

Both the xLite and Bria softphones support presence which your account will also support, via our BLF and Presence feature.

  1. Log into your Account,
  2. Select the number you want to use Presence & BLF.
  3. Select Advanced and click on Presence and BLF.
  4. Click Enable Presence/BLF on this line only.
  5. Click Save settings to update.

Refer to Presence and Busy Lamp Field (BLF).