Smoke Ping

Problems with your VoIP connection will often take the form of degraded audio quality, including choppy, spliced, and inaudible call segments. Some disruptions are so serious that calls will drop altogether. These issues can damage important calls with customers and clients.

Call check, ping test, and Trace are tools that can pinpoint what's wrong with your business phone connection when problems like this occur. These tools won't fix the problem, but they can give you insight into the location and scope of the issues you're experiencing. Here's how each of these tools can be used for VoIP troubleshooting when you're experiencing connectivity issues.

Smoke Ping Test

If you have bandwidth but shows high jitter, it's time to take a closer look at your connection with a ping test.

A ping test is a network troubleshooting tool available on all operating systems. This test will tell you how long it takes for internet traffic to travel between your computer and another device on the internet. It measures the jitter and packet loss of your connection, both of which can have a significant impact on VoIP calls.

Why does jitter matter? If one VoIP packet travels at 10 ms and the other travels at 200 ms, that means one packet will reach the VoIP phone much faster than the other. This mismatch breaks the smoothness and uniformity of the call. Imagine if you were having a conversation with your friend and her words started arriving in your ear at irregular times. The conversation would become unintelligible, which is exactly what high jitter does. If you're experiencing similar symptoms, you should perform a ping test.

Packet loss occurs when data packets never reach the intended destination. You should have no packet loss on your network, because even a small bit can degrade a call significantly. On a call, this will cause pieces of audio to drop between you and your caller, so it sounds like you are missing certain pieces of the call.

The summary results of a ping test will indicate whether you are experiencing jitter or packet loss on your internet connection.

How to

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click Tools then Smoke Ping
  3. Click Add IP
  4. Click Save

Your Ping results will be generated for assessment as shown below.