Usability Questions

  • Can I run my business alarms across CloudPBX?

    No. Our service does not currently provide support for business alarms.
  • Can I still receive calls if my on-premise PBX fails?

    Yes, absolutely. For registration, enable Call Forwarding to redirect to your specified alternate number(s) if the call isn’t answered within a designated time. When using SIP Peering, if you don’t have a secondary IP/PBX, you can also enable Call Forwarding to redirect calls to alternate numbe...
  • Can I use my existing phone with your service?

    If you have a VoIP (or IP) handset you will be able to use this device. If your existing handset is not, you will not be able to use this device. We can provide device provisioning within your account for Yealink and Polycom handsets, we also offer a range of articles for configuring your device...
  • How do I publish my CloudPBX number in the Australian Directories?

    Numbers listed on our service will not be listed on Australian Directories such as White pages – this is something you need to do if you want your number listed. It takes just a couple minutes to list your business by visiting the Whitepages website and select Create Account.
  • Will my CloudPBX service work if there is a power cut?

    Our service requires power to work as your broadband modem will not function without it. To ensure that you never lose inbound calls in the case of a power failure, we recommend that you set up a “simultaneous ring” on at least one inbound number and have calls sent to a mobile. There are a numb...