Cisco ATA SPA-2102

We recommend first that you upgrade your Linksys SPA-2102 to the latest firmware version from Cisco.

Quick Guide

The Linksys SPA2102 is a low cost Analogue Telephone Adapter that offers 2 ports allowing you to connect 2 phone lines to YourCloudTelco. The SPA2102 (unlike the PAP2T) also support T.38 for reliable fax transmission over IP, so you can also connect a fax machine to this service.

First you should click on ‘Admin Login’ and then ‘Advanced’ to get access to all of the ATA’s settings. While there’s a LOT of settings you will only need to change the items listed below. Leave everything else as default.

How to configure

1. Get access to your SPA-2102 web interface

  • Plug an Ethernet cable from the Internet port into your router
  • Plug an Ethernet cable into the yellow LAN (Ethernet) port and your PC / MAC
  • Dial ****110#
  • Listen to IP Address which is read back to you
  • Enter IP Address into your web browser (For example.
  • You shoud now see the Linksys SPA-2102 Web Interface.

2. Line pages

  • Line Enable = yes

NAT Settings:

  • NAT Mapping Enable: yes
  • NAT Keep Alive Enable: yes

Proxy and Registration

  • Proxy: (specify ‘’ for a Fax machine line)
  • Outbound Proxy: (specify ‘’ for a Fax machine line)
  • Use Outbound Proxy: yes
  • Use OB Proxy in Dialog: yes
  • Register: yes
  • Make call with Reg: yes
  • Register Expires180
  • Make call without Reg: yes
  • Use DNS SRV: yes
  • DNS SRV Auto Prefix: no
  • Proxy Fallback Intvl: 600
  • Proxy Redundancy Method: normal

Subscriber Information

  • Display Name: Your Name (e.g. Fred Bloggs)
  • User ID: [YourPhoneNumber] (e.g. 61289707500)
  • Password: [YourPW]
  • Use Auth ID: yes
  • Auth ID: 61289707500

Dial Plan

  • Dial Plan: ([2-9]xxxxxx|0[34679][2-9]xxxxxx|0210xxxxxxx|021[12]xxxxxx|021[3-9]xxxxx|02[0279]xxxxxxx|0204xxxxxxx|0240xxxxxx|024[1-9]xxxxxxx|0282[4-5]xxxxxx|050xxxxxxx|070xxxxxxx|080xxxxxxx|00xxxxxxx.|01[08]|017xx|12[356]|[19]11|*55|023xxxxxxxx|01[1234569]x.|02[56]x.|028[013456789]x.|0282[0123467890]|0282[01236789]|05[1-9]x.|08[1-9]x.|0[34679][0-1]x.|1[03456789]x.|11[023456789]x.|12[0124789]x.|*[012346789]x.|*5[012346789]x.)
    (Dial Plan is an example for Australia only and may be incomplete).
  • Enable IP Dialing: no
  • Emergency Number: 000

3. Reset your SPA-2101 to factory

If you purchase a second hand SPA-2102 or one that has been setup to work with a particular carrier then the safest bet is to reset to the factory defaults:

  • Plug in power adapter
  • Plug in a phone to ‘Phone 1′ port of the SPA-2102
  • Dial ****
  • You should hear ‘Configuration Option Menu’
  • Dial 73738# (RESET#)
  • Press 1 to confirm the reset

The SPA-2102 should now have been reset to factory default settings.

You may need to do the following to set up web management depending on which interface you are coming in on:

  • Dial **** into the phone connected to the ATA device
  • You should hear ‘Configuration Option Menu’
  • Dial 7932 then press 1 to enable.
  • Hang up when you hear option saved.
Updated on 20 October 2021

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