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Call Queuing

How about using an Auto Attendant to play your greeting, and then redirects to a Call Queue below on a single number.

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Select Switchboard.
  3. Select Your Number.
  4. Select Inbound.
  5. Select Call Queuing.
  6. Select agents to be connected to call.
  7. Click Save settings to update.

call queue

Calling Rules | Queue Strategy

  • Ring All – Simultaneously calls all agents in the queue.
  • Round Robin – Rings the available agent following to the order of the agents.
  • Least Ring – Calls the Agent with the least recently called
  • Fewest Calls – Calls the Agent with the fewest completed calls
  • Random – Randomly calls available Agents
  • Memory Round Robin – Takes turn ringing once each available agent in the queue.

Additional Features

“Position in queue” 
will announce the caller’s position in the queue.
“Hold time to agent”
 will notify the agent of the time that the caller has been in the call queue for.
“Active call queue beep” enables the agent on a call to be notified that there is a call in the queue. ONLY when this setting is enabled the agent can then transfer current calls, between agents, and accept a new call in the queue.

Updated on 7 February 2022