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Can I still receive calls if my on-premise PBX fails?


Yes, absolutely.

For registration, enable Call Forwarding to redirect to your specified alternate number(s) if the call isn’t answered within a designated time.

When using SIP Peering, if you don’t have a secondary IP/PBX, you can also enable Call Forwarding to redirect calls to alternate numbers. When our Active Polling service detects that your circuit has been off-line for more than 10 seconds, inbound calls will failover through to the alternates specified in your Call Forward.

Call forwarding

This service is only available to direct Inbound calls to alternate numbers in the event of a loss of data service. For a redundant path for Outbound calls speak to your PBX administrator about a basic rate ISDN or alternate data routes.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. In Switchboard select the number that you would like to redirect.
  3. Select Inbound and activate the feature Forwarding and Trunking.
  4. Set your Call Forwarding preferences including numbers and time schedules.
  5. Click Save to update your settings.
Updated on 6 October 2021

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