Conference Calls

When keeping your team connected the Conference Call feature can be useful. When setting up this feature you can personalize your conference calls. This makes it easy to be connected with staff and customers.

The number of participants into your conference bridge is only limited by the number of channels allocated to your account.

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Select Switchboard.
  3. Select Inbound.
  4. Select the number you wish to set up Conference Calling on.
  5. Select Conferencing.
  6. Select a PIN (optional).
  7. Select Conference type.
  8. Toggle record call (optional).
  9. If you only want to allow chosen numbers to join the conference call, add the numbers in the box after selecting “allow selected callers” under type.
  10. Click Save settings to update.


Email Conference Recordings

Each conference can be automatically recorded if all parties in the conference have Call Recording enabled. The recording will be sent to the email address on the number, or if no email address is set the recording will go the email address on the account.

To control this feature follow below:

  1. Select Advanced.
  2. Select Call Recording.
  3. Toggle “Email Recording”.
  4. Add an email address to the “alternative email” (optional) which will redirect the call recording to that nominated email address.


Updated on 21 September 2021

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