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Auto Attendant to a Call Queue

This solution links the main office number to an Auto Attendant, which links to a Call Queue following completion of the Auto Attendant greeting. To do this you will require at least three numbers.

Step 1 Main office number
  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Go to Switchboard and select the main office number that you would like to set an Auto-Attendant for.
  3. Select Inbound.
  4. Select Auto-Attendant.
  5. You can either record a greeting, or upload one of your choice.
  6. Select when you would like your auto attendant to be active (eg all times, during work hours, outside of work hours).
  7. Call response time, set to one second.
  8. Repeat greeting once.
  9. Connect as normal must be enabled for this feature to work.

Auto Attendant

Step 2 Main office number:
  1. Set up Forwarding (on the same page as Auto Attendant).
  2. In the Forward field select “Always“.
  3. Elect a number for the inbound calls in queue to be forwarded to.
  4. In the Active field, nominate a call forwarding time frame (eg. all times, during work hours, outside of work hours).
  5. Choos “Preseve CLI” if you wish to preserve the Caller ID on the number you will receive the call.


Step 3 Setting up Call Queue:
  1. Find the number that has been elected for call forwarding under the Switchboard dropdown box.
  2. Select Inbound, and enable the Call Queue feature.
  3. In the Active Field, nominate the queuing time (eg. all times, during work hours, outside of work hours).
  4. Select a Calling Rule, eg. “Ring All” this will simultaneously ring all agents in queue.
  5. Provide a queue name (optional).
  6. Select Agent(s) to receive call(s) in queue if more than one click “+ Add”. Please ensure that the agents selected have registered numbers.
  7. Click Save to turn on Call Queue.

call queue (2)

Step 4 Register Device:
  1. Select Agent(s) number, and register the number(s) to a handset or softphone.

Things to consider when setting up Call Flow

  • Call Flow Priority: All calls into our platform flow logically through a Call Flow priority. For example implementing Call Rejection as the highest priority will prevent any other feature from initiating such as Auto Attendant.
  • Internal Call transfers: Calling between numbers held on the account are classified as ‘on-net’ calls and are $0.00 rated (free). Any calls to off-net numbers such as mobile, premium or numbers held by other telcos are charged per your standard calling terms.
  • Internal Extension: Both the Auto Attendant and Call Queue require additional DID.
  • Testing: Spend a few minutes to incrementally building your Call Flow taking time to test each stage as you go. Using the sample Call Flow above first create your Auto Attendant linking simply linking to each number. Once you’ve got that going test each call flow as you build up your rules.
Updated on 1 October 2021