Registration and Peering explained

SIP Registration

“Registration” is used to connect IP phones and some IP-PBX machines to our hosted cloud PBX using a UserName and Password to authenticate access.

Required Settings

  • UserName: [phone number] eg 61289808500
  • Password: account or line
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 5060

SIP Peering

Enables a direct trusted network-to-network connection between your IP-PBX and our voice public IP. The main advantage of Peering is greater flexibility of number routing within your onsite-PBX. To use Peering you will require a static WAN IP address.

We support the following two variations of Peering:

  • Global SIP Peering: were all numbers on an account are directed to a single customer IP address
  • Standalone: where a customer only wants to direct calls to a single number to a standalone IP address
  • Trunking: supports customers with on-premise PBX devices that connect via device registration (UserName and Password). This feature allows an administrator to configure a single registration number to their PBX, but preserving the CLI of all outgoing numbers.
Updated on 13 January 2022

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