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While we don’t support the SNOM handsets on our device provisioning they are an easy handset to configure via the handsets web UI.

Quick Guide

  • Web UI: To retrieve the IP address Menu button on right side of the phone
  • IP Address: 4. Network | 1. IP Setting | “Are you using DHCP” >> NO – copy the IP address (eg
  • *Identity: The identity field corresponds to each phone number registered to the handset
  • Displayname: Is the handset name  
  • *Account: YourCloudPBX phone number
  • *Password: account password
  • *Registrar: call.sipcity.com.au
  • *Outbound Proxy: call.sipcity.com.au
  • Mailbox: *55
  • SAVE:
  • Reboot: at top of the page (phone will restart).

* Required

SIP Trace

You can diagnose any registration or calling issues using the Snom’s SIP trace feature.


  • Status | SIP trace
  • Register Handset: When you register your phone’s credentials (User Name, Password, Proxy) the phone SIP Trace feature will also captures this information
  • Dial a Number: dial a number to make an outbound call
  • Use the SIP trace feature to diagnose any connectivity issues
Updated on 6 October 2021