Desktop Settings

Profile Settings

Here you can see all of your profile information and change it if necessary.
You can upload a profile picture and change the language if you prefer.
After changes were made just click on Save.

Audio Settings

Here you can select the Microphone and Speaker you wish to use.
You can also test the Microphone and Speaker.
After changes were made just click on Save.

Phone Settings

Here you will be able to register your numbers, as well as edit their information, change their status and remove the number if you wish.
You can also silence the numbers individually, in a case in which you are using more than one number on the Vai Desktop, and select which number you’d like to keep as Default.

Support and About

By clicking on Support you will be redirected to the Vaitel Helpcenter.
When clicking on about it will give you more information on the Vai Desktop, like the version you have downloaded.

Updated on 18 October 2021