Yealink Dect Handsets W52 & W56

Save yourself a pile of time and use our Device Provisioning to configure both W52 and its successor the W56 (we also include instructions for manual configuration).


  1. Device Provisioning
  2. Manual configuration

1. Device Provisioning

We treat the Yealink base station like any handset with multiple lines so there’s nothing special about configuring this family of phones using our Device Provisioning service.

  • MAC Addresses: If you’ve purchased your phone through another reseller you will need to tell us the MAC address of the base station to enable us to associate that address with our Yealink partner account. If the phone was purchased through us you can disregard this step.
  • Device Provisioning: Log into YourCloudPBX > Cloud PBX > Device Provisioning (supply MAC address: add lines (in this case each phone will be a new line).

2. Manual Configuration

Step 1: Base Station

  1. The W52P base station can be powered by the supplied 120/240v adaptor or alternately from a POE switch.
  2. Install the 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries into the handset (and recharge if required).
  3. Enter the IP address in your browser (eg 192.168.1.xx).
  4. To find the base station web UI IP address press the front button on the base station to communicate its IP address to the handset.
  5. UserName and Password: Admin- admin, Password- admin
  6. Pin: 0000
  7. Click Confirm

Step 2: Account Tab

  1. Select Account tab. (or another unused account if Account 1 is in use).
  2. Account Active: On
  3. Label: Name Your Name
  4. Display Name: Displays on your telephone phone screen when idle.
  5. Register Name: Full DID eg 61289707500
  6. User Name: Full DID eg 61289707500
  7. Password: is the password associated with the phone number.
  8. Enable Outbound Proxy: Disabled
  9. Transport: UDP
  10. SIP Server 1:
  11. Port: 5060
  12. Server Expires: 180
  13. Voice Mail: *55
  14. NAT Traversal: Disabled
  15. Confirm: to Save

Step 3: Phone Tab

  1. Select Phone Tab
  2. Select Country: Australia
  3. Set Time Zone: +10 Australia Primary NTP >> Secondary NTP: (CONFIRM)
  4. DSS Keys: Phone Tab | DSS Key >> use this to assign a variety of standard functions to the T28 10 function keys on the right side of the phone.
  5. At bottom: Select Confirm

Step 4: Date and Time Settings

  • Time Zone: eg +10 Australia | Location (Australia(Sydney,Melbourne)
  • Daylight Saving: Automatic
  • Location: eg Australia (Syd)
  • Fixed Type: By Week
  • Primary Server: | Secondary Server:

Step 5: Contacts

Contacts can be imported into the W52P from either as XML or CSV imports.

  • File Template: To access either XML or CSV download the file template
  • Import Contacts: Edit the file and import.
  • Handset: To access your imported contacts list select the DOWN arrow on the phones OK menu
Updated on 6 October 2021

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