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Bootcamp 3 – Manage Your Outbound Calls

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Bootcamp 3 – Manage Your Outbound Calls

The third in a series of four bootcamps to help you fully leverage your SIPcity Cloud PBX.

With SIPcity you can manage your VoIP calling and features from within one simple software application. From managing your inbound and outbound calls, to setting up voicemail to email, call recordings and more. To help you get the most out of SIPcity we’ve created four Bootcamps:

  1. Personalise and Customise

  2. Manage your Inbound calls

  3. Manage your Outbound calls

  4. Understand Advanced Features

In this third bootcamp we’re looking at how SIPcity helps you manage your outbound calling with its Cloud PBX features.


  1. Set your Outbound Caller ID

  2. Authorisation PIN Code

  3. Set up Speed Dial

  4. Last Number Redial and Call Return.

Set your Outbound Caller ID

You have the option to show or block your caller ID (also called Calling Line Identification CLI) with your outbound calls.

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Select Switchboard.

  3. Select the number you want to set up Caller ID on.

  4. Select Outbound.

  5. Select Caller ID &Privacy.

  6. Choose the type of caller ID. A number from your account, your number or block your number.

Set up Authorisation PIN Code

To prevent unauthorised outbound calls from being placed to overseas or expensive overseas destinations, we’ve given you the ability to set an Authorisation PIN Code. This PIN code must be dialled before the call is placed.

It’s simple to set up.

  • Select CloudPBX and the number you want to update the settings for.

  • Click into Outbound Calls and select Authorisation PIN code.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to set your PIN code.

  • Remember to Save settings.

Set up Speed Dial

Speed Dial lets you quickly place a call without having to enter the full phone number. This is really handy if you dial numbers frequently or on a regular basis.

Some handsets will have the features to allow you to programme numbers into the buttons on the handset, however, this can be limited to the number of available buttons.

So if you want to speed dial frequently used numbers, you can programme an additional eight numbers with this feature.

  • Click into Cloud PBX and go to Outbound Calls

  • Click Speed Dial and enter your favourite numbers

  • Save settings.

To call the number on your handset press the number assigned to the phone number, eg 2, and initiate the call as normal.

Enter the number as you would normally dial it, eg 8970 7500. Don’t add the full country or local area code.

Last Number Redial and Call Return

These are two very handy features, particularly if you are using an entry-level handset which does not have this functionality enabled on the handsets themselves.

  • To redial the last number you called, press *66

  • To dial the last number that called you, press *69.

In the settings for these two options, you can choose to have the number you are dialling read back to you to ensure you are dialling the correct number.

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