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Call Parking

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Call Parking


Call park is a feature that allows a person to place a call to a 'parking bay' enabling a coworker to retrieve the call from alternate phone, or BLF presence key. The parking bay is usually set against the main number, enabling the parked call to be returned to the main number if it exceeds the allocated parking bay time.


In the example below we have enabled Call Parking on the customers main phone number 1-760-68-8100. The customer can set 10 parking slots.


Pete L and Rajesh's Yealink phones have been programmed to to use Line 3 and LineKey 4  for Parking Bays 1 & 2 (see) Setup Call Parking below.


How to set up Call Parking

  1. Log into your Account.

  2. Select Switchboard | select your number.

  3. Select Advanced | Call Parking.

  4. Add how many Parking slots you'd like to have, e.g 10.

  5. Add the Parking Time, e.g 240 sec.

  6. Set up the Return Call to a specific number or to the number that parked the call.

  7. The group goes by default.

  8. Click Save to update your settings.


Park a call and send it to a Specific Bay

One of the options we have to set up Call Parking is when you park a call to be taken on a specific park bay.

The Call Park garages required a *1 short code to call the bays. In the example above, we therefore must assign *1701 and *1702 for Parking 1 and Parking 2 respectively.

Now that you have set up the Call Parking feature, choose one of the two options to configure on your handset to park and retrieve calls.

How to Park and Retrieve calls - Specific Bay

  • To park the call and send it specifically for Bay 2, press BFL Bay 2 on your handset or dial *1702.  (NB – the Parking Attendant will confirm your parking slot).

  • To retrieve the call from Bay 2, press BFL Bay 2 on your handset or dial *1702.


Yealink Device Provisioning

Using our Device Provisioning simplifies the process for enabling Call Parking onto any Yealink phone provisioned with our device provisioning.


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