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Device Provisioning - Yealink

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Device Provisioning - Yealink

Registering your Yealink in our Device Provisioning ensures that you can get your Yealink up and running in minutes.

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Click on Tools |  Device Provisioning.

  3. Choose Add Device.

  4. Select Device Type (Yealink).

  5. Line Settings | Select Phone Number | Yealink | Name Device

  6. Supply MAC address.

  7. Add Time zone | Time Format

  8. Line Key2: Select Number or Feature

  9. If this is a BYO Yealink Select ‘SAVE’ and manually restart the handset.

  10. Once provisioned by our Device Provisioning any further changes made from within the portal will automatically restart the handset to reflect your changes

1-Device Provisioning - Yealink.png

Bulk Upload to Device Provisioning

You can now upload the numbers you would like to register to your Yealink using Device Provisioning from our template sheet.

  1. Click on Yealink bulk upload.

  2. Click on (Download template). Then, the template will be downloaded. Click on the Template you have just downloaded.

Now, follow the steps to fill out the Sheet:

  1. Open the Template you previously downloaded.

  2. On the MAC column, fill out the Yealink MAC Address.

  3. On the Number column, fill out the Number you would like to register.

  4. On the Label column, fill out the Label for the number.

  5. To add more numbers under the same MAC Address, place numbers and labels on the columns aside.

  6. Repeat steps 2 until 4 to add another MAC Address and Numbers you wish to register.

  7. Save the file.

  8. Click on Yealink bulk upload. Select Choose File Select Upload.

  9. Wait until you receive a Notification

  10. Jump to your email to see the Yealink Device Provisioning Update. Check if you have received the failed or successful email.

(Reboot) your Yealink Device: Manually reboot your phone. After the first reboot, any changes made via the Device provisioning will automatically reboot the phone to apply any changes.

You are all set.

Yealink’s ZeroTouch provisioning is pretty slick! When you start up a Yealink phone, it automatically connects to Yealink's RPS (Remote Provisioning Service). Here’s the cool part: during this process, it grabs our provisioning URL ( and tucks it into the phone’s settings. Once the phone reboots, it checks back with our Device Provisioning system, pulling in any assigned phone numbers or features we’ve set up.

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