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e911 and Emergency calling

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e911 and Emergency calling

To enable E911 services, SIPcity requires an address associated with your account, linked to a phone number on your account. We then publish these emergency address details to our upstream providers. When dialing from any number on your account, your organization's emergency address details will be displayed.

Please note that calling E911 numbers without the provided emergency details below will result in substantial call costs charged to your account.

How to add e911

  1. Go to e911.

  2. Complete details.

Testing e911 - #933

To test whether e911 is working, dial 933 from any desk phone. You will hear an automated message stating the phone number you are calling from and the 911 address registered to that phone number.

CDR records

All e911 calls can be found as normal call records in the Billing Records.

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