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How to set up Favorites

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How to set up Favorites

Choose frequent contacts to add to your Favorite list to easily find them.

Quick Guide for setting up Favorites:

  1. Tap on the Contacts button.

  2. Go to All Contacts.

  3. Swipe up and down to find a contact, or;

  4. Write the contact's name on the Search field.

  5. Tap on the chosen contact.

  6. Tap on the Star on the contacts page.

  7. Go back to the Contact page.

  8. Tap on Favorites > Find your favorite contact on the list.


It's simple to add a contact to your Favorite list. Now you can go to Favorites, on the Contact page to find your favorite contact.

Note: To access the contacts from your device, make sure you enable the Contacts access on the Permissions page.

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