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Listen to your Voicemails

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Listen to your Voicemails

One of the most useful features of your account is Voicemail. After you set it your messages will be available for you to listen to, download, or delete.

This option, different than others available on Switchboard, is individual for each number.

How to listen to your voicemails:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Go to the Switchboard.

  3. Select the number that you would like to listen to the voicemails of or download.

  4. Select Voicemail.

  5. Choose to downloaddelete or play each message.


  • Accessing your Voicemail box: You can access your own inbox by dialing *55.

  • Voicemail Star Access: Dial your own number from any phone and wait for it to go to voicemail then press *55 and you will be prompted for your PIN code (this must already be setup) followed by # to access your mailbox messages as normal. You can also set up calling numbers as trusted callers to avoid having to enter a PIN number.

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