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Polycom Feature Configuration

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Polycom Feature Configuration

Extension dialling

Give your favorite contacts a line extension (eg reduce 1310707504 to 504) allowing coworkers to call you using your preferred three or four-digit number.

Enable BLF on the handset (phone)

We automatically support BLF / Presence but you will need to separately enable the handset presence if manually configuring your Polycom phones.

  1. Get phones IP address: Settings > 4. Status > 2. Network > 1. TCP / IP…

  2. Enter IP address into Browser

  3. Log onto the phone (UserName and Password)

  4. Preferences > Presence >> Enable

Enable Buddy on the handset

  1. Settings > Directories > Contacts Directory > 1. Add (+)

  2. First Name, Last Name (optional), Contact (requires full number including country / area code)

  3. Protocol –> SIP (only for VVX500, 600)

  4. Watch Buddy –> Enable

  5. SAVE

  6. Select contact —> Add to favorites (if you want the contact to appear on the home screen of your keypad).

Handset Volume

You may have noticed that the Polycom handset volume is a little low. But secondly, while you can increase the volume using the handset volume button, each time you pick up the phone for another call it annoyingly resets to the factory default. The problem is US telecommunications regs require all US vendors to reset handset volumes to the defaults at the end of each call.

If using you are using our Polycom provisioning we have disabled the reset function to maintain your handset volume.

Firmware upgrade

If you wish to leverage our Polycom provisioning system with legacy IP phones (firmware 3.3.xx or older) you will first need to upgrade the phone’s firmware as the older Polycoms don’t support web-based auto-provisioning. Secondly, depending on the model, you may have to complete a two-step firmware upgrade to achieve the minimum 4.1.1 software supporting our web-based auto-provisioning.

  1. Log into the phone’s web browser

  2. Standard Password: 456

  3. Utilities | Software Upgrade

  4. Check for Updates

  5. Select the latest update from the selection list

  6. Install

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