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Set Up a Virtual Fax

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Set Up a Virtual Fax


Our vFax service is designed to replace your old fax machine with a vFax number that leverages email for both receipt and delivery of all faxes. Using our vFax service you can easily control who can send and receive incoming faxes, discard the junk, and importantly you’ll never need another roll of fax paper.

  • Supported document types: Portrait A4 or smaller PDF, JPEG, Postscript, and Tiff attachment formats (sorry no MS Word docs).

  • Sending: [number] (eg) ****. If you have multiple fax numbers associated with a shared email address, you need to include your FROM fax number in the subject line. This instruction tells the system which fax number you want to use for communication or sending the fax. For instance, if I am sending an eFax from 13106341777 to 13104065498, the email address would be, and the subject line should contain "13106341777".

  • Subject/titleFROM number. eg 13106341777.

  • Confirmation: We will send the approved sender a confirmation, as shown in the image below.

1-feature-Set Up a Virtual Fax.png

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