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Billing Records (CDR)

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Billing Records (CDR)

You are able to search through all your Call Data Records (CDR) Billing Records, and you can refine your search by; the Date when the calls were made, Billing Period, Length, and Type of call.

Note: All Call Records are displayed in US Pacific Time (PST).

Quick Guide

  1. Select Billing > Billing records.

  2. Set parameters to be able to start the Search: Calls made between; For billing period; Billing Group; Calls made from; Type of call; Calls longer than; Only show recorded calls; Calls made to.

  3. Click Search or Export CSV to access your Billing Records.

Note: Use Advance search to tighten your search, to make it easier to find particular billed calls.

Your CDR includes the following information:

  • Account code

  • A Party

  • B Party

  • Channel used

  • Destination changes

  • Last application

  • Call start time

  • Call answer time

  • Call end time

  • Call duration

  • Bill seconds

  • Call result

  • Diverting number

  • Unique id for call

  • Hang up


Note: When the Call Recording is enabled, you are allowed to download the recording of the call and access the call transcription.

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