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Connecting to a Softphone

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Connecting to a Softphone

You can make and receive calls through a softphone installed on your mobile device, desktop PC or Mac. This is so handy for anyone who travels, so they can make calls from their mobile using a local phone number. And also for teams who make lots of calls and they can have a device set up on their computer.

  • You will need to install the appropriate app on your device.

  • If you are using a softphone app given to you by your service provider, it is likely the domain proxy details will already be configured. If not, you will need to enter this.

  • Enter the username which is your phone number, along with your password.

  • You will see the phone saying “registered” and you will then be able to make and receive calls.

Device Provisioning in your Account is not used to set up SoftPhones.

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