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Manage App Settings and Features

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Manage App Settings and Features

User Settings

User Settings provide various options to customize and manage your app experience. This article outlines the functionalities available within User Settings and guides you through their usage.


Let your team members know your current status using this feature.


Administrators can access the User Management Guide by clicking here.


Discover the capabilities and functions accessible through the Settings menu.


You can modify your Profile Information at any time using this option.

To update your Profile Settings:

  1. Access User Settings and click on Settings.

  2. The Profile page will be displayed. Update the following information:

    • Your Name;

    • Select the number type: Work, Home, or Other;

    • Address Line 1;

    • Address Line 2;

    • City;

    • State;

    • Company;

    • Position.

  3. Click Save to apply the updated settings.

  4. Refresh the page to see the changes.


Control the activation and deactivation of your phone numbers for calls.

  1. Go to Menu Settings > Select Settings.

  2. Click on Numbers.

  3. Toggle on the Active option to enable a number, or;

  4. Toggle off the Active option to disable a number.

  5. You will receive a confirmation of your action.

  6. Manage Do Not Disturb (DND) by clicking on the bell icon and confirming the action.

Audio & Video

Set up and test your audio and video settings for optimal app usage.

  1. Go to Menu Settings > Select Settings.

  2. Click on Audio & Video.

  3. Configure your Microphone, Speaker, and Camera settings.

  4. Test your Microphone Audio by clicking "Test".

  5. Click Save to apply the changes.


Access the Contact Synchronization guide by clicking.


If you have more than one account, review the available accounts and identify the one you want to switch to.

Click on UserSettings > Language. Identify the account you wish to switch to and select it.


Switch between available languages according to your preference.

  1. Click on UserSettings > Language.

  2. Choose from the language options: English (US), Portuguese, and Spanish.

  3. Select your preferred language to apply the change.

Browser Permissions Setup

Enhance App Experience with Browser Permissions

Grant the app necessary browser permissions for a seamless experience.

  1. Access your browser settings/configurations.

  2. Enable the Camera, Microphone, and Notifications for the app.

For Firefox users:

Firefox requires manual permission setup for audio, camera, and notifications. Follow these steps:

  1. Access the Web App on Firefox.

  2. Allow pop-ups for notificationsmicrophone, and camera if prompted.

  3. If no pop-up appears, follow these steps:

    • Open the Firefox Application Menu (located beside the address bar).

    • Go to Settings.

    • Navigate to Privacy & Security.

    • Scroll down to Permissions.

    • Adjust settings for Camera, Microphone, and Notification.

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